2022 Authorized Repertoire List

The time has come! Many are already preparing for the 2022 Spring Concerto Festival, returning with full orchestra this June. The festival will be held June 17, 18, and 19 at Pacific Lutheran University. Registration will begin on April 7, 2022 and will stay open until May 7, 2022 at midnight. Register early to ensure your spot – registration will close after 50 students have registered to perform.

The repertoire list has multiple tabs – one for piano soloist with orchestra, one for two-piano works, and one each for violin, viola, and cello soloists. Please email concerto@orstacoma.org if you have any trouble accessing or understanding the list.

Student Fees

Student fees cover the payment for the musicians scheduled to perform for that piece – and nothing else. ORS provides the venue, our incredible Music Director to conduct the ensemble, orchestral parts (for most pieces), and everything else that needs to happen “under the hood” to make sure that when a soloist takes center stage, they have no worries about anything other than performing their best.

The works for soloist and pianist cost less than pieces with full orchestra, simply because of the number of players. In the same way, longer pieces and pieces with more additional instruments beyond strings costs more as the number of players and length of rehearsals and performances increase. The registration fee includes ALL aspects of the performance, including three rehearsals per student.

Repertoire List

Our repertoire list has been greatly expanded, and now includes works for piano, violin, viola, and cello soloists. Additionally, the two-piano repertoire that was featured last season has also been added to the repertoire list. A handful of select pieces are unavailable this year due to expired performing licenses with the publisher.