Thank you for attending the 2022 Benefit Concert!

If you missed this incredible performance, you can watch the livestream using the button below. If you are impressed, we kindly ask that you consider donating to ORS! This year, all donations at the Benefit Concert will go towards one of ORS’ 2022 goals, the commission of a new work for ORS’ Spring Concerto Festival by a BIPOC (black, indigenous, [and] people of color) composer. The majority of classical repertoire that meets the skill level of many of our students was composed by European white men centuries ago. ORS’ goal is to bring new music into the community that our students can relate to, that suits their skill level and is a joy to play, while still cherishing the incredible pieces that make up the classical canon. Together, we can bring composers on stage alongside our students, granting them an experience they’ll never forget – the chance to premiere a new work written for students just like them.