Mission and JEDI Statement

Tacoma Music Collaborative is dedicated to ensuring all students are welcomed and supported

Our Mission

Tacoma Music Collaborative champions artistic collaboration for music lovers of all kinds. We create incredible opportunities for music students to take center stage alongside professional musicians because we believe that all musicians should experience the extraordinary joy of live performance. TMC provides music students of all levels and ages the opportunity to perform with collaborative musicians in a non-competitive environment.

JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Statement

Tacoma Music Collaborative is committed to social justice. We are committed to justice for Black Americans, Indigenous Peoples, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and all People of Color.  The deep, enduring pain and fear of systemic racism has been laid bare and deserves acknowledgment, recognition that we must do better, and action.

We are a small organization but believe that we make a big difference in the lives of those whom we touch: student musicians, families, music teachers, our community.  We also know that we can do better to be more inclusive, accessible, and diverse.  It is our goal to create a future where all People of Color are an integral part of our work on and off stage.

The classical music world has long been steeped in white privilege.  Lack of diversity in soloists, orchestral musicians and featured composers and inequitable opportunities in arts education and outreach lead to barriers for many.  In particular, our traditional repertoire has lacked underrepresented composers and has perpetuated this.  TMC will be proactive in resolving these inequities.  We will listen, learn, and change.

We commit to including BIPOC, AAPI and other underrepresented perspectives and voices in our repertoire and concerts.  We commit to increasing access and inclusivity for underserved communities in Tacoma to be part of TMC.  We commit to commissioning and funding new works by underrepresented composers.

We believe that no matter an organization’s size or budget, change is possible, and the impact can be great.  We choose to be part of that change.