June 25-27, 2021

Concert Information

We are so excited to see everyone June 25, 26, and 27 at the Spring Concerto Festival! All the information you’ll need is below. If you are interested in directly volunteering for this year’s festival, please click this link to sign up directly. If you’re interested in volunteering with us in the future, click the VOLUNTEER button below!

We also welcome donations, including our suggested concert admission fee of $20 per person or $35 per family, through our online donation portal. Donate at the Bronze level for the minimum suggested fee, or at higher levels to support students’ access to live collaborative music.

The livestream for all five concerts will be hosted on YouTube. The link to our channel, where the concerts will be streamed, is below.

Additionally, the concert program is now live! View it in readable, zoomable format digitally below. If you are able, please bring a handheld electronic device to view the program at the event. Limited physical copies will be available.

If you plan to attend in-person, you must RSVP. It is strongly recommended to RSVP by at least 24 hours before the concert you wish to attend. However, if you forget or if you bring an additional friend, it will be possible to RSVP at the event either on a personal device or by relaying information to one of our wonderful volunteers. Before arriving at the event, please review our COVID-19 guidelines in the 6/3/2021 update.

Finally, don’t forget to check in on Facebook! Feel free to share or interact with us and other ORS supporters on Facebook, and maybe even find a friend to watch the concerts with.

Updated Concert Information 6/3/2021

We are delighted to be able to invite a limited live audience to our June 25, 26, and 27 Spring Concerto Festival. The safety of our participants and live audience are our foremost concerns to enable an enriching musical experience for all, so we will be adhering to state guidelines for Phase 3 indoor cultural performances. Specific precautions are listed below.

We will additionally be able to livestream these concerts, thanks to our many generous donors. This means that if you do not want to attend in person or are not able, you will be able to view the event virtually, synchronously. The link to watch will be made available closer to the date of the event.

As at all ORS concerts, there will be no ticket sales, but in-person attendees will need to RSVP in advance to allow us to manage audience size. The link to RSVP will be posted on our website, Facebook, and emailed to members of our mailing list next week. There is no required admission fee, but a $20 per person / $35 per family donation is gratefully accepted whether attending live or through livestream viewing.

The venue will be set up for physical distancing both on the stage and in the gallery. PPE will be observed: masks, physical distancing, hand sanitation, and surface cleaning, including our guests who are vaccinated. Programs will be provided digitally with limited printed copies. There will be volunteers on hand to assist with seating and guidelines. Information for how to sign up to volunteer will be provided soon.

ORS’ guidelines, aligned with the Washington State Phase 3 COVID-19 guidelines for performing arts events, are below:


• All individuals ages 5 and up, regardless of vaccination status must wear appropriate, CDC-recommended masks. Please note that face shields are NOT recommended.
• String and piano instruments will maintain a minimum of 6 feet of physical distancing.


• Maximum 50% capacity of the venue or 400 people, whichever is less. First Lutheran Church has a capacity of about 500 people, so the maximum number for First Lutheran Church is approximately 250 people.
• Groups maximum size of 10 people permitted, limited to two households per group.
• Each group is physically distanced 6 feet apart from other groups.
• A minimum of 10 feet of physical distancing will be maintained between performers and audience.
• Live audience attendance will be managed by on-line RSVP.

General Sanitation and Safety

• Written safety plan (this!) is in place.
• Clear communications are provided to patrons prior to arrival.
• Signage is posted indicating expectations regarding physical distancing, hand sanitation, and masks.
• High touch surfaces (piano keyboards) frequently sanitized.
• Sanitation stations set up throughout the venue that include sanitizer and wipes.
• Interior spaces ventilated.
• Volunteers placed to encourage physical distancing and other protocols.

Concerto Festival Information

The Orchestral Recital Series of Tacoma Board and staff are pleased to announce that the 2021 Spring Concerto Festival will occur this June, 2021.

Repertoire and Performance Options

We have expanded authorized repertoire. Some of the new pieces introduced are pedagogical repertoire tailored to beginning skill levels. Repertoire for two pianos and string soloist pieces have also been added. The authorized repertoire list may be viewed using the button above.

Because of expected continuing state-wide limits on indoor gatherings, the Spring Concerto Festival will not have traditional 30-piece orchestral accompaniment. Students will be able to select from three options for collaborative accompaniment for their pieces:

  1. standard concerto literature performed with a 5-piece string ensemble, conductor, and collaborative pianist, including music for piano and orchestra requiring rental of parts
  2. repertoire for piano and strings performed with conductor and 5-piece string ensemble
  3. two piano pedagogy concerti performed with second piano

The three performance options will appear on the online registration form from which students may make their selection. The registration page is accessible by the button on the top of this page. Performance options are the decision of student and teacher.

Requirements for copyright compliance and licensing remain in place. For questions about repertoire, you may contact Paul Twedt, ORS Music Director, at svendell@gmail.com. State guidelines for social distancing, masks, and hand hygiene will be followed. ORS of Tacoma will have volunteer monitors ensuring guidelines are followed. Every precaution will be taken to ensure the health and safety of all in the program.

Fee Schedule

The registration fee schedule can be viewed below. Calculations are made based on the length and complexity of arrangement, i.e., number of collaborative musicians. Professional videography is factored into registration fees this year.


Registration will occur on-line at the ORS website at www.orstacoma.org. For your convenience, we have streamlined the process to ease multiple registrations by siblings. The form will include a request for demographic information and permission to use student videos in ORS marketing and communications. Due to venue constraints because of COVID-19, registrations will be limited to 75 performers.

Registration will close at midnight March 31, 2021. For questions regarding the registration process, you may contact AJ Moore, ORS Managing Director, at ajmoore@orstacoma.org.

Timeline and Location

Concerts are planned June 25, 26, and 27 with rehearsals beginning June 16. Specific dates and times are subject to modification per registration results and updated COVID-19 guidelines. Personal preferences will also be taken into account – students will not be scheduled for rehearsal or performance times they cannot attend.

Schneebeck Concert Hall, our traditional performance venue at the University of Puget Sound, may remain unavailable for public gatherings.  First Lutheran Church in Tacoma will be the alternate venue for the June Festival depending on COVID-19 restrictions.  We continue to monitor state guidelines for indoor gatherings and live entertainment and will ensure that the ORS 2021 Concerto Festival is in full compliance.

Final Notes

The June Concerto Festival will also celebrate Paul Twedt’s 29 years as Founder and Music Director of ORS of Tacoma.  Paul retires from this role in August at the end of the 2020-21 season. Please join us in thanking Paul for his vision and service over the years!

We thank you for your continued support of ORS of Tacoma.  We look forward to hearing your performances this spring and the celebration of our 29th anniversary!


In the event that the Spring Concerto Festival is postponed or cancelled due to public health guidelines we will refund registration fees.

A = Soloist with collaborative pianist
B = Soloist with 5-person string ensemble and conductor
C = Soloist with 5-person string ensemble, conductor, and collaborative pianist

CATEGORY P1 – Less than three minutes
P1A – Soloist with collaborative pianist
P1B – Soloist with 5-person string ensemble and conductor
P1C – Soloist with 5-person string ensemble, conductor, and collaborative pianist


CATEGORY 1 – Three to five minutes
1A – Soloist with collaborative pianist
1B – Soloist with 5-person string ensemble and conductor
1C – Soloist with 5-person string ensemble, conductor, and collaborative pianist


CATEGORY 2 – Five to ten minutes
2A – Soloist with collaborative pianist
2B – Soloist with 5-person string ensemble and conductor
2C – Soloist with 5-person string ensemble, conductor, and collaborative pianist


CATEGORY 3 – Ten to fifteen minutes
3A – Soloist with collaborative pianist
3B – Soloist with 5-person string ensemble and conductor
3C – Soloist with 5-person string ensemble, conductor, and collaborative pianist


CATEGORY 4 – Fifteen to twenty minutes
4A – Soloist with collaborative pianist
4B – Soloist with 5-person string ensemble and conductor
4C – Soloist with 5-person string ensemble, conductor, and collaborative pianist