An ORS Student Story

I always cherished the moment that I could go and hear the orchestral parts in their full grandeur in the performance and rehearsal. I loved meeting the conductor, and all the musicians that came there to help me have the best performance experience possible. This is a truly amazing program.
Reid Wolch
Former ORS Student

Over a hundred students participate in an ORS event each year. Sometimes, students come to our program to help them learn and gain experience on their way to a career in music. One such student is Reid Wolch, longtime student of ORS founder Paul Twedt and student of ORS Board Member and Pacific Lutheran University professor Dr. Oksana Ejokina.

In Reid’s sophomore year in high school, he performed the first movement of Camille Saint-Saëns’s Piano Concerto in G Minor with ORS at the Spring Concerto Festival. Over the years, Reid performed many more times with ORS. This spring, Reid will perform the full concerto onstage at the University of Denver after his win at the DU Solo Honors Competition. The performance information can be found here for any interested supporters. Congratulations to Reid and all of our other students who have found musical success after practicing their collaboration and performing skills with ORS! Reid talks about his experience with ORS in the video below.

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