Attend the 2024 Concerto Festival!

The Concerto Festival is Tacoma Music Collaborative’s (TMC) flagship event. This June, we will bring together student musicians and professional, collaborative musicians for a concert series to remember featuring the finest concerto repertoire and exciting pedagogical repertoire for our beginning students. Each student gets rehearsal and performance time with our full symphonic orchestra ensemble comprised of professional, collegiate, and advanced high-school musicians who are dedicated to ensuring each student has an excellent experience. The ensemble is conducted by TMC Music Director, Tigran Arakelyan. Learn more about him and his extensive background working with fellow musicians on our About page.

Join us in June at Christ Episcopal Church, Tacoma

Four performances with over 40 student artists from around the region!

Friday Jun 7 – 7:30pm
Saturday Jun 8 – 4:00 & 7:30pm
Sunday Jun 9 – 4:00pm

Concerts are free admission and open to the public. There is a suggested donation at the door to help support access to the arts for all musicians.

Registration has now closed for the 2024 festival.

Support the Festival


When you volunteer with TMC, you are directly supporting students and artists. Volunteers often are distributing programs, directing patrons, and more! This is an excellent option for high school and college students who need volunteer hours and want to help behind the desk.


A donation to our general fund allows TMC to put your dollars to work making noncompetitive performance an option for music students of all ages and skill levels here in the Puget Sound region. We are a 501(c)3 organization and donations are tax deductible. 


Become either a festival, season, or sustaining/lead sponsor and support opportunities for students. Each tier has a myriad of benefits, including advertisements in the program, logo placement, verbal recognition, and more! 


You are eligible for the Concerto Festival if:

1) You are taking private lessons in your instrument area (you have a teacher)

2) You are able to successfully perform a piece from our repertoire list

3) You are available for all scheduled rehearsals and performances

That’s it! TMC prides itself on providing non-competitive performance opportunities for students of all ages, skills, and backgrounds.

About the Music

Each year, the repertoire list is updated to ensure new opportunities and accuracy. Students can also register for pieces that are not on the repertoire list, but should be aware that additional fees may be necessary for score rental or puchase, and TMC reserves the right to deny a piece not on the repertoire list if it is not feasible for performance.



  1. For concerto repertoire, the soloist must perform memorized by the second rehearsal. All pieces with a single featured soloist need to be memorized. Pieces for two or more soloists may use music. Exceptions may be made, but are not guaranteed, for non-piano solo instruments with proof of preparation and selection of an advanced piece.
  2. Attendance at each rehearsal is mandatory. Failure to appear for rehearsal will disqualify a participant from performing in a concert.
  3. Students are expected to dress as professional performers: concert casual to formal is appropriate.
  4. Students must be available for three rehearsals to perform in a concert, and should arrive 10-15 minutes before their scheduled time for each rehearsal and the concert time. If they cannot commit to three rehearsals and a performance, students should not register.
  5. Repeats in pieces are allowed only if the timing of the piece does not exceed the listed time in the repertoire list.
  6. Teachers are encouraged to explore new repertoire and suggest pieces to be added to the TMC repertoire list to be provided for performance through TMC. Suggestions can made on this form.
  7. Orchestra scores and parts for most standard concerti are readily available for loan through local orchestras. However, if a student wishes to perform a work whose orchestra parts are not locally available, it is the responsibility of the student and teacher to provide the orchestra parts and a conductor’s score. Some compositions, such as Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”, are available only through rental agreement with the publisher. Students & teachers will be responsible for paying any publisher rental fees.
  8. Refunds for student registrations will be granted at 100% value until 18 days (2.5 weeks) after registration has closed. 20% refunds can be granted until 21 days (3 weeks) before the date of the first concert. After that date, no refunds can be granted.


Student fees cover the payment for the musicians scheduled to perform for that piece – and nothing else. TMC provides the venue, our incredible Music Director to conduct the ensemble, orchestral parts (for most pieces), and everything else that needs to happen “under the hood” to make sure that when you or your child take center stage, they have no worries about anything other than performing their best.

The works for soloist and pianist cost less than pieces with full orchestra, simply because of the number of players. In the same way, longer pieces and pieces with more additional instruments beyond strings costs more as the number of players and length of rehearsals and performances increase. The registration fee includes ALL aspects of the performance, including three rehearsals per student.

Table Key

No letter = Soloist with collaborative pianist
A = Soloist with string ensemble
B = Soloist, string ensemble, and up to 5 additional musicians (woodwinds, brass, percussion, etc.)
C = Soloist, string ensemble, and up to 10 additional musicians
D = Soloist, string ensemble, and more than 10 additional musicians

CATEGORY 1 – Less than five minutes
1 – Soloist with collaborative pianist
1A – Soloist with string ensemble
1B – Soloist, strings, and up to 5 additional musicians
1C – Soloist, strings, and up to 10 additional musicians
1D – Soloist, strings, and more than 10 additional musicians
CATEGORY 2 – Five to ten minutes
2 – Soloist with collaborative pianist
2A – Soloist with string ensemble
2B – Soloist, strings, and up to 5 additional musicians
2C – Soloist, strings, and up to 10 additional musicians
2D – Soloist, strings, and more than 10 additional musicians
CATEGORY 3 – Ten to fifteen minutes
3 – Soloist with collaborative pianist
3A – Soloist with string ensemble
3B – Soloist, strings, and up to 5 additional musicians
3C – Soloist, strings, and up to 10 additional musicians
3D – Soloist, strings, and more than 10 additional musicians
CATEGORY 4 – Fifteen to twenty minutes
4 – Soloist with collaborative pianist
4A – Soloist with string ensemble
4B – Soloist, strings, and up to 5 additional musicians
4C – Soloist, strings, and up to 10 additional musicians
4D – Soloist, strings, and more than 10 additional musicians