We Need Your Support

This month, give ORS and our students the gift of a lifetime.

The Fall Trio Festival is over (missed it? Watch the videos on our YouTube) and as the year comes to a close, ORS is thinking about the future of our students. We’re planning to offer new and increased opportunities for students in 2022 and beyond, but we need your help.

ORS 2020-2021 expenses totalled $35,020, and our income was $36,900. We were able to cover our expenses thanks to each and every one of our donors, and the results were truly incredible. In Fall 2020, ORS adapted to the new pandemic situation and were able to host recording sessions for a delayed Spring Concerto Festival and the usual Fall Trio Festival, serving 55 student musicians.

Then, in 2021, we gave our supporters a treat through the recorded Benefit Concert pieces, and in early summer were able to host the Spring Concerto Festival with live audience for the first time in two years, serving 83 student musicians and even more audience members.

Looking forward to 2022,

ORS intends to increase our community outreach through JEDI scholarships for underrepresented students and new masterclass offerings for our students to get 1:1 support. Additionally, we plan to commission a new work for ORS students to be able to perform for years to come – knowing that they are bringing new music to life.

You can be a part of our journey and make a meaningful difference to a music student near you. Two thirds of ORS funding is provided by grants and individual donations, so every extra dollar can make us jump for joy!

Make it your mission this year to help ORS in 2022 by donating any amount before the end of December.

Here's some examples of the difference you can make:

$25 – One student’s first rehearsal
$100 – One student’s full experience
$250 – 2-3 minutes of a commissioned piece

Performing in small ensembles or as a soloist can be a life-changing experience for musicians old and young. Give your support today: